A Music Residency program.

SBR007: Crime Scene DVD


Phil Carney, David Mclean and The Crime Scene Ensemble.
Live DVD and 32 page booklet
SBR007: Crime Scene
Release Date: Monday 6th August 2018

In January 2017, Samarbeta facilitated a new collaborative residency between musician/composer David McLean and pulp fiction writer Phil Carney. The pair collaborated over a 10 day residency at Islington Mill, working with both musicians and actors to produce a new kind of Pulp Fiction Theatre, their work focusing on the long inseparable relationship between the iconography of Film Noir and Jazz. Released on the Samarbeta label on DVD,  recorded and edited by Jamie Robinson at IMPATV the release features the full live show, an interview with McLean and Carney and a plush, 32 page booklet containing concert photography as well as Carney’s short stories in full.

Developing on initial themes composed by David McLean, The Crime Scene ensemble toiled away during the late January nights to create a spellbinding musical score to explicitly accompany Carney’s pulp fiction writing, moving from atmospheric, rain soak Jazz balladry to sleazy, back alley funk. Inspired by the hard-boiled school of detective fiction, Carney’s writing evokes the brilliance of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, James Ellroy and Jonathan Latimer, his stories full of obsession, longing, double crosses and murder. The ensemble features 16 musicians from both the free improvisation/jazz and experimental music scenes in the North West including saxophonist Mark Hanslip, double bassist Otto Willberg, keyboardists Karl Astbury and James Moss of Mother, cellist Ecka Mordecai, Gnod drummer Jon Perry, saxophonist Karl D’Silva, Action Beat guitarist Harry Taylor and renowned Liverpool experimental musician Joel Murray.

To bring life to Carney’s words, a cast of spoken word performers, actors and poets were handpicked for the 6 scenes; Gareth Smith (Vanishing/Lone Lady), Ali Bell (Mother), Christopher Green (Brawn) and Luke Webb (Action Beat).