A Music Residency program.

SBR 002: Swaggerjack publication (with anniversary inserts)


Publication documenting the SwaggerJack Samarbeta Residency

Early in 2015 John Powell Jones and Callum Higgins AKA Swaggerjack embarked upon SBR002. The residency saw the duo lock themselves away within the confines of Islington Mill's Club Space for a whole week in total solitude. The aim: to create a record that was free from influence from the outside world. They wanted to experiment with sound and what was possible and the result, possibly 'the best record they have ever made' says Higgins.

The record was produced just once, split across 4 sides and pressed onto degradable dub plates, with all Digital copies destroyed. The only way you will hear this record is to visit the sole copy in existence which is stored at the British Library Sound Archives in London.

On August 19th 2015 the duo launched a limited edition book that they produced as part of their residency. The book provides the audience with an insight into the process of the record. It includes notes between the duo, images, doodles and all sorts.

On August 19th 2016 we have added new inserts to the book that incorporate reviews from Jennifer Lucy Allan (ARC Light Editions) and Paul Margree (We Need No Swords). These new risographs come free with each purchase of the book