A Music Residency program.

SBR 012


Elemental: New Works for 6 Voices 


March/April 2018




Caustic Coastal, Unit 2 Regent Trading Estate, Oldfield Road, M5 4DE



We are proud to release details of the next Samarbeta residency, the first for 2018. Working in a new venue at Caustic Coastal, Salford we will be hosting esteemed musician Nancy Elizabeth.


After a decade or more of developing an increasingly complicated relationship to music and the music industry, Elizabeth has decided to strip things back to basics – to do away with stage plans, tech specs and complicated electronics. To exist with 6 wonderful singers for a week and create.


Elemental will use using the acoustics of their location (an industrial refrigeration unit) to present the voice. The culminating performance of the residency will be performed in pitch black darkness, so the power of the voice will be your only focus, encompassing all your senses.


She states;

‘Everyday, we are bombarded with messages, noise, news articles, opinions and pictures. It is a background noise which is hard to escape. This is a space to escape. In a pitch black room, 6 singers will perform new material. You will be surrounded by voices and strange noises. You will have nothing else to focus on.

- ‘an aperitif for your ears’


The 5 performers joining Nancy Elizabeth are Jo Price, Nula Mathers, Kath Orde, Jojo Thorne and Rosie Giles.


Support comes from Manchester's very own OLA. The duo who describe themselves as Electronic/Dreampop blend ambient spaces, treated guitars, layered vocal harmonies and beat driven tracks. Hard to pin down, their music is characterised by it’s questing, forward momentum, guitars and delicate orchestral elements into great dream-pop odysseys.


Capacity is limited to this show to just 60 people so don't wait around on getting your ticket, available now from



Nancy Elizabeth - A folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who releases music with Leaf Records. Elizabeth has made a name for herself as a singer-songwriter with a difference. As well as writing captivating music, she uses everything she can get her hands on in the creative process: from guitars and pianos to Celtic harps, harmoniums and dulcimers. All this is combined to make creative music with a modern edge


Supported by Youth Music and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.





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