A Music Residency program.

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Open Call

Samarbeta is an artist led music residency program that exists to offer musicians the time and space away from everyday constraints to produce new and exciting work that otherwise would never be able to be realised. It’s meaning is ‘to collaborate’ but this is not a stipulation of each residency. Since forming in 2014 we have worked with musicians such as Lydia Lunch, Charles Hayward, Ex Easter Island Head, Sam Weaver, BBC Philharmonic, David McLean & Thurston Moore to name but a few and now this is your time to join them.


THANK YOU ETERNALLY for an incredible's been one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had the pleasure of being part of. We were absolutely blown away by the playing, attitude and support of the ensemble, and the piece sounded amazing. You have a fantastic setup for residencies there, it's so conducive to work flow and has been perfect for us. - Benjamin Duvall, Ex Easter Island Head


We are offering an artist fee of £1200 to complete a 10 day residency at Islington Mill that’s destiny is your own deciding.


The Criteria

There isn’t really one other than you must have a great idea that you can’t realise without this support. You can be at any stage of your career, any age, work within any genre, be from anywhere, we are incredibly inclusive and open to ideas.


What we are Offering

£1200 fee to cover artist fee, travel & equipment

Accommodation and Hospitality for up to x6 people for 10 days at Islington Mill

(project can facilitate more collaborators but only provide sleeping provisions for 6 people)

A rehearsal space to work within at Islington Mill

Marketing and Organisational support to make your ideas come into fruition.


The only obligations 

There must be some form of public showcase on Friday 18th August


What we need from you (in one PDF Document, no more than 2 pages) 

- A 250 word proposal for your residency and the idea behind it

- Links to sounds you have created in the past

- A relevant weblink

- An initial plan of action that outlines your approach to the residency

- Any relevant images, videos or visual stimuli (optional)


The Space

Islington Mill is a 275 capacity venue space based in a former victoria cotton spinning Mill. It has been a venue space informally since 2005 and has hosted a wide array of gigs and festivals over the years. There are over 50 artist studios within the building with practicing artists ranging from musicians, screenprinters, jewellers, costume makers and graphic designers all within the building. Islington Mill is a celebration of the unconventional; of radical and subversive thinking – it is a place where anything feels possible. Our flexibility and fluid structure is a catalyst for creativity, allowing artists, residents and tenants to challenge accepted notions of what arts and culture can do, and who can be involved. We treasure our independence to explore and to create; to live and work as freely and creatively as possible, fostering an openness to experiment and that is why Samarbeta has been based here since our inception.


What happens now

We whittle down the applicants to just 10 and we send them to our selected panel of tastemakers from across the UK who will score the applicants, the scores will be totted up and averaged out and the applicant with the highest average score will be invited to complete the residency.


The panel

Charles Hayward - This Heat / Anonymous Bash

Paddy Shine - GNOD

Lisa Meyer - Capsule / Supersonic

Oliver Catpole - De La Warr Pavilion


Send submissions and any questions/queries to with the email title of ‘Open Call Submission’


Application Deadline

Monday 22nd May 2017, 10am


Images courtesy of Jamie Robinson



Supported by:


Residency: 8th - 19th August

Live Show: 18th August at Islington Mill, Salford, M3 5HW






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