A Music Residency program.

SBR 008




We were incredibly proud to bring Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore London-based poet Radieux Radio  to Islington Mill for the 8th Samarbeta residency to work on a site specific project entitled ‘Watch the Sky’.


During his residency Thursday collaborated with local musicians from Manchester alternative music scene;

Otto Wilburg, Ecka Rose Mordecai, Andrew Richardson, Marlene Ribeiro, Karl D'Silva, Lauren Palmer & David McLean


Moore worked with these musicians throughout the residency, recording and exploring the concept of ‘Watch the Sky’, which examined the sound of the city. The culminating performance of the residency took place in the intimate setting of the Islington Mill event space to a sold out audience.


Moore also hosted a night a spoken word and poetry in the Islington Mill event space. Thurston Moore read extracts from his book "Stereo Sanctity: Lyrics & Poems" and invited local poets Lauren Bolger and Bob Clowrey to share their writings.


Radieux Radio curated an exhibition of collage, poetry and photography in the Islington Mill event space, which was open for one night only to accompany Thurston Moore’s live performance.



Thurston Moore moved to New York City at age eighteen to play punk. He started Sonic Youth in 1980.  Thurston's most recent Artist Residency took place at The Louvre in Paris in 2016. He is a Professor of Music at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He has been on Faculty at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in the Summer Writing Programme since 2011. He has worked collaboratively with Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Patti Smith, Cecil Taylor, Rhys Chatham, Irmin Schmidt (CAN), John Zorn, Takehisa Kosugi and Glenn Branca. He has composed music for films by Olivier Assayas, Gus Van Sant, and Allison Anders. He presently records and tours both solo, with various ensembles and with his own band.


Radieux Radio is a London-based activist, poet and artist. Radieux recently exhibited artwork produced collaboratively with Thurston Moore in the show "Rebellion of Joy" at gallery 12mail in Paris. Radieux's poetry and lyrics have appeared in songs on albums by Thurston Moore on The Best Day (Matador) and the forthcoming record Rock n Roll Consciousness (Fiction/Universal).


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Photo Credit: Jamie Robinson