A Music Residency program.


Tuesday 27th October 2015, 19.30pm

Lydia Lunch & Weasel Walter’s Horrible True Confessions

Deadly Orgone Radiation

Asian Babes

Denim & Leather

Islington Mill, James st, Salford, M3 5HW




The legendary writer, performer, provocateur Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus + the Jerks), an artist who has collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers, brings the debut Manchester performance of her project Horrible True Confessions to Islington Mill this October. A text based multimedia performance with WEASEL WALTER (Flying Luttenbacher) on drums.  HORRIBLE TRUE CONFESSIONS combines the dynamic spoken word histrionics of Lydia Lunch, one of the genres most controversial performers with the improvisational virtuosity of Weasel Walter to create an intimate, terrifying and even hilarious evening of musical verite.



The members of Deadly Orgone Radiation — James Sedwards on guitar, Alex Ward on guitar and alto sax and Weasel Walter on drums — come with high credentials. James Sedwards is guitarist and composer for the avant-garde band Nought and has worked alongside Ben Wallers, Sophie Politiwicz and Thurston Moore. Weasel Walter is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who worked with the Flying Luttenbachers until 2007, and currently plays with Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus and Cellular Chaos. He has also worked with Henry Kaiser and Marshall Allen, Peter Evans and many more. Alex Ward has worked with Derek Bailey, Lol Coxhill, Joes Morris and has been part of the group's Dead Campfoot and Dead Days Beyond Help (his current band). He has also worked with Steve Noble and John Edwards in the group N.E.W. These three musicians come together as Deadly Orgone Radiation. An assault on the senses, driven by serious guitar work and drums. Ward’s sax speaks, trills and riffles over the top of guitar and drums, screaming its presence while the drums and guitar offer mesmeric support. The instruments combine to produce a density of sound which is almost overwhelming. Walter pounds out the rhythms whilst guitar and sax respond in anarchic retorts: real communication.



Asian Babes are a bunch of four non Asian babes, from Cumbria. The abortion of the gruesome collective of Black Jash and the drunk whiners in Charles of the Ritz. Since first rubbing groins together in 2012, they have recorded 3 EPs (the next to be recorded in summer '14), written over 50 songs and forgotten even more.



Manchester born, punk/garage/hardcore outfit.



Saturday 31st October 2015, 20:00

Lydia Lunch HALLOWEEN Seance




Islington Mill, James st, Salford, M3 5HW


Halloween is one of the most celebrated nights of the year at Islington Mill in the depths of Fat Outs Burrow. Rolling on from the success of last years collaborative, building wide event this year sees the queen of doom herself Ms Lydia Lunch enter the realm.  



Lydia Lunch was voted by Time Out magazine as one of the most influential performers to have emerged from New York City. She has taught workshops in Performance Art at The San Francisco Art Institute, She has produced spoken word records, curated performance series in America and Great Britain, worked with dozens of luminaries in film, music and literature. She has written five books translated into seven languages, released over thirty LPS, and continues to be a driving force in art, music, and literature and her special forte—performance. Through music, books, spoken word performances, film, video, photography, poetry and a multitude of creative endeavors, Lydia Lunch has proven to be one of the most daring artists of the current era.



This 4 piece to be reckoned with play noisy, pop-influenced, guitar-led music. They pack their rough-and-gritty live sound with attitude, and now riding on the back of their second album ‘Wild Nights’ the group return to where it first started, Islington Mill. Expect something a bit more unusual from this set...



Water penetrates rock. Water is life and kills with ease.

Enter the ritual; Hear the waves crashing down as you're dragged into the undertow of bass beneath, hear the voices wail; the siren and the amazonian warriors await you. Let your instinct be your guide. Swim with us; at your peril.  Water are a heady mix of artists, poets and musicians who've come together to create encounters which engulf the senses. Water have left audiences with a feeling of being part of something magical, intense and sometimes bewildering, but always powerful.



Manchester based ILL aim to fly into pure expression until euphoric heavy jump up and down noise is created. The sometimes structured, sometimes spontaneous compositions embrace the entire emotional spectrum and hold a furious energy close to their hearts. They believe in the power of disobedience, creating music until something tingles and performing dance noise until something bleeds.



Tuesday 3rd November, 19:30pm

Lydia Lunch: From the page to the stage LIVE

Islington Mill, James St, Salford, M3 5HW



From the Page to the Stage is a workshop led by writer, performer, provocateur Lydia Lunch. An artist who has collaborated with dozens of musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers, Lydia shares her vision and frames a process designed to encourage creativity and collaboration as an important means of artistic expression and personal growth.


This event is the live show performed by the 24 participants who took part in the two from the page to the stage workshops that took place at Islington Mill during Lunch’s Samarbeta residency


For information about how to get involved in the workshop, see:


ARTWORK by the incredibly talented Samarbeta collaborator John Powell Jones





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