A Music Residency program.

SBR 003

Ex Easter Island Head

& BBC Philharmonic Ensemble


In 2015 Samarbeta announced the beginnings of a new residency with Liverpool based trio Ex Easter Island Head (EEIH). Teaming up with selected members of the BBC Philharmonic the trio composed a new piece of music specifically for a performance that was debuted at 2015's Sounds From the Other City (SFTOC) festival on Sunday May 3rd.  


In collaboration with SFTOC, Samarbeta approached EEIH to take on this incredible opportunity to write a specific piece for the BBC Philharmonic ensemble.


            “EEIH are a group we have wanted to work with since the music residency inception and we are excited to be able

             to offer them this opportunity alongside our good friends at SFTOC.” – Samarbeta, 2015


The EEIH trio form an ensemble composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments, they have worked within many different genres and are passionate about the music they create. They have a wide variety of skill sets which make them ideal to take on this challenge.


The BBC Philharmonic is an internationally renowned broadcasting orchestra based in Salford. It supports and nurtures emerging talent from across the North West, working closely with Salford City Council and other partners to provide unique opportunities like this one for musicians of all ages to work with players from the orchestra.


EEIH wrote the composition and worked with specific musicians from the BBC Philharmonic, including a harpist, a saxophonist and a string duo. The piece was rehearsed at the BBC Philharmonic Studio in MediaCityUK and debuted at Vimto Gardens on Sunday May 3rd as part of SFTOC, performed twice on the day to a limited audience capacity.


On the below link you can hear an excerpt from the rehersal of this piece. This piece was followd by an adaptation/reprise in 2016, again at Sounds From the Other City festival.





PART ONE: April-May 2015

Performance: Sunday May 3rd at Sounds From the Other City Festival.



Image Credit - Mike Hughes