A Music Residency program.

Charles Hayward was the first musician to take part in the Samarbeta music residency program. From the moment he arrived there was this incredible creative energy and a knowing that this was going to be an incredibly collaborative time at Islington Mill. Anonymous Bash was formed the month long residency and consists of members from GNOD, Horrid, Locean, Part Wild Horses mane on Both Sides & 2 Koi Karp. Hayward restlessly experimented with groupings, rhythms and experimental recording techniques to amass several hours’ worth of material that was then shaped and edited to become Anonymous Bash. Utilising the energy from these remarkable sessions, Hayward, and recording engineer Sam Weaver, began to dismantle the finest components of each in order to reconstruct an entirely new sonic experience.


Having Charles Hayward as our 'guinea pig' was a dream because although he had given much thought to what he personally wanted to get out of the residency he also made time to listen to other peoples ideas and was somehow able to bring them all together and produce a phenomenal record. The time, energy and creativity that Hayward put into the initial Samarbeta residency was inspiring and we will be forever grateful that he enabled us to have such a strong founding to this program.


Who is he?

Legendary drummer and composer Charles Hayward is widely know as the founding member of This Heat, whose importance has had a lasting legacy on all things experimental on the independent scene. Since their split in 1982, drummer Charles Hayward has continually been at the forefront of experimental music, with stints in Crass, Bill Laswell's Massacre, his own Camberwell Now collective and a slew of art installation projects. The last few years have seen Hayward focusing on his solo work, which, upon listening, makes it abundantly clear that the innovation inherent in his formative years is still alive and well. A true pioneer in contemporary music, he combines a whirling dervish of mesmeric electronics, inventive percussion and otherworldly vocal collages in a sound that is still peerless and unclassifiable.

2010 saw the birth of Hayward’s slowly evolving music project Monkey Puzzle Trio. A collaboration with Pinski Zoo bassist Nick Doyne-Ditmas and the words, voice and texture of avant-garde vocalist Viv Corringham, together creating a distinctive sound world which is exhilarating and immersive and reflects the sensitivity and experience of all three musicians.



Why we asked him?

Charles Hayward has played many Fat Out shows in Manchester over the years and stayed at Islington Mill so we have built a good relationship with him. Beyond his ability to produce these incredible high-energy performances that never disappoint, his inspiring, charming and charismatic personality made him the perfect choice for the debut Samarbeta musician-in-residence. Hayward’s notoriety as an experimental musician and his extensive background in improvisation also attracted us to him. His openness to collaborate and work with new musicians is what the Samarbeta program is all about.



What he did during his time?

The initial performance was at Sounds From the Other City festival where Charles along with Nick Doyne Ditmas and Viv Corringham performed as Monkey Puzzle Trio on the Fat Out/Gizeh Records and Buried Bones stage. Arriving at 1am on the morning of the festival to give a jump start to the broken down tour bus of Factory Floor, paved the way for the collaboration that was to come. At the festival he performed within a visual structure made by the Volkov Commanders and animated by KHOM Visuals.


Returning solo in mid May, having hatched his plans with several potential collaborators earlier in the month. A pot-luck dinner in the Islington Mill Courtyard marked the start of the creation process as everyone gathered around the one table and prepared themselves for the week ahead. For 5 days solid Hayward played, practiced and recorded with over 20 musicians within the Islington Mill venue space and Anonymous Bash was created.


Mid week, the group went busking in Piccadilly Gardens to recruit musicians and improvised with Danny Henry, Jali & the Kora and the world percussion collective. Hayward also took a trip to the Salford precinct with Louise Wookcock, which inspired the song ‘Wrong Again’.


The week ended in 3 performances at Fat Out Festival, on the main stage as Anonymous Bash, the Video Jam stage scoring James Snazell’s ‘3 Frames’ and the Gizeh Records stage within ‘The Eternal Return Arkestra of Gizeh’ project.


Charles then returned in mid-June to complete his residency to mix the album with Sam Weaver and record some special components to complete the sound and aesthetic.





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Image Credit: Jamie Robinson


Following the residency the group released the record, which you can now purchase in our shop.


They have toured around the UK including performing a headline slot at

Supernormal Festival 2015, Supersonic Festival 2017 and a sell out show at Cafe Oto, London.


MAY 2014