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Special Anniversary Edition

19th August 2016 marks one year since the release of the SBR002: Swaggerjack publication, a book documenting the process of the band producing a record in solitude, aiming to create a record that was free from influence from the outside world. One copy of this record was produced on degradable dubplate and the only way you will hear this record is to visit the British Library Sound Archives.


Since being housed at the British sound archive Samarbeta and Swaggerjack have invited writers to visit the library and review the record which has been heard by very few ears, with the aim of encouraging other music explorers to journey to the British Library to listen. By going to the library with your ID and utility bill you then become a member of the British Library, and within 30 minutes you will be be sat in the beautiful library listening to music produced at Islington Mill that you cannot hear anywhere else in the world. You could spend an entire day (if not a week), exploring the extensive archives and the process of visiting a building to discover music in a time where everything is so accessible is really special and rewarding.


To mark the one year anniversary of the release we have added new inserts to the book that incorporate reviews from Jennifer Lucy Allan and Paul Margree. The reviews have been risograph’ed and come free with each purchase of the book as part of a special anniversary addition. Jennifer Lucy Allan runs Arc Light Editions (part of Multiverse Music), Paul Margree writes for the music blog ‘We Need No Swords’ and is a regular reviewer for record labels Tombed Visions, Slip Discs and Sacred Tapes.

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Written by Paul Margree:

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Written by Jennifer Lucy Allan: